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The Concentric Hydraulics Product Range

Concentric manufactures and supplies hydraulic gear pumps, motors and hydraulic power packs, and are recognized as technology and quality leaders in the construction equipment, agricultural equipment, forklift, aerial lift, truck and transmission industries. As a hydraulic gear pump specialist, the company has pioneered developments in the area of noise reduction, speed range, volumetric efficiency and power density.

Concentric offers one of the widest range of hydraulic gear products in the industry but it is our ability to provide value-added solutions that differentiates us from other suppliers.

We have a unique understanding of the capabilities of hydraulic gear pumps and motors which enables us to go beyond traditional limits to meet specific application needs. Our products are specifically engineered to the customer's vehicle function requirements and space envelope. When approaching an application challenge, Concentric engineers benefit from a wide portfolio of products to provide the solution. Design features of the various Concentric product families such as rotating groups and bodies can be combined to provide an optimum solution. Products are designed to facilitate the integration of valves, sensors and other system components to simplify the total hydraulic system.
Concentric has released the hydraulic product configurator to streamline your design process! Through the utilization of this configurator, you can create your own custom designs and models to suit your application’s needs. The configurator simplifies the design process improving your speed to market.
Hydraulic Product Configurator

Gear Pumps

Concentric is a specialist in hydraulic gear pump products and offers one of the widest range of gear pumps in the industry...
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Gear Motors

As a specialist in hydraulic gear motor products, Concentric offers one of the widest ranges of high speed hydraulic gear motors in the industry...
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Fan Drives

Concentric hydraulic fan drive systems offer significant advantages to cooling system designers when compared to traditional belt and electric fan drives...
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Electro-Hydraulic Steering Units

Concentric has developed the EHS unit to replace the normal power steering pump and provide power steering assistance when needed...
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Power Packs

Concentric is a world-leading manufacturer of electro-hydraulic power packs, configuring systems for virtually any mobile application...
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Rotary Flow Dividers/Intensifiers

Rotary flow dividers are primarily utilized to synchronize the operation of multiple cylinders or fluid motors and to divide a pump's output...
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Standard Product Capabilities

Concentric standard capabilities provide flexible solutions for stand alone, value added assembly and concept prototype applications...
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Full Product Range

See the comprehensive range of Concentric Hydraulic products which have established us as a leading supplier throughout the world...
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