e-Oil Pump

Proven in the field for over three years, and in production with a number of Global OEM’s, the Concentric electric Oil Pump range is used in a number of applications such as; lubrication and cooling of eMachines and eAxles, transmission stop/start, piston cooling etc.

As with all Concentric ePumps, durability and reliability are designed-in, with the pump validated to >50,000 hours of continuous running.

The hydraulic pump design can be tailored to meet customers specific needs. Concentric provides further flexibility through both 12V and 24V capability in the same pump, ideal for Global customers needs.

Pump Power range: 100W-through 600W to >1.5kW. With 12V, 24V in production and HV (>600V) under development for larger pumps.

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