e-Hydraulic Steering (EHS)

Concentric EHS, Electro Hydraulic power Steering pump, replaces the conventional IC engine driven pump on a hybrid or pure electric truck or bus. EHS offers system power savings through its variable pressure and speed control capability with the option of low-noise pump technology and direct electronic control features via CAN Bus communications. It also offers on-demand steering and variable speed capability, down to a low of 350rpm in typical steering cycle mode. Depending on application, the unit can be rated up to 276 bar, with flow from 12 to 80 l/min and peak output from 1.5 to 7 kW.

The base components for the electro hydraulic steering unit embody an advanced development of Concentric's current DC electric motor pump technology, which has established a well-founded reputation for reliability and build quality in steering applications around the world, both on and off-highway. The new EHS product range allows CAN Bus communication between the motor and the vehicle's main control system so as to control pressure and flow on demand. This significantly reduces system losses compared to traditional mechanical drive systems, ensuring optimum performance from the steering system.

The Concentric EHS is designed for this demanding application and has the following main features:

  • Compact design and low weight
  • Ingress protection, IP6K9K
  • Electric motor with integrated controller - Easy installation
  • Full controllability with CAN J1939 interface - Power on demand
  • Designed to be chassis mounted - No external covers needed
  • Software designed to meet the required safety demands


5.5 - 31cc

Max. Power


Max. Speed

500 to 2,500 rpm

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