Concentric e-Pumps Product Overview

Our critical success factor has been to develop and offer a wide range of high performance, high efficiency pumps with low to high pressure capability along with the ability to integrate these pumps seamlessly with modular electric motors, controllers and software that delivers world-class reliability, low energy use and full diagnostic capability.

Example applications
  • eMotor lubrication and stator cooling, eOP
  • eTransmission multi speed gearbox lubrication and cooling. eOP
  • eAxle lubrication and cooling eOP
  • Power electronics and battery cooling on commercial vehicle and C&I stationary battery eWP energy storage.
  • Start/Stop oil supply for ICE transmission. eOP
  • On engine auxiliary pump for charge air cooling circuit. eWP
  • Fuel cell cooling eWP
  • On-demand and variable steering for bus, truck and off-highway applications (EHS)
  • Replacement of mechanical fuel transfer pump and electric priming pump (eFTP)

e-Oil Pumps

Proven in the field for over three years, and in production with a number of Global OEM’s, the Concentric electric Oil Pump range is used in a number of applications such as; lubrication and cooling of eMachines and eAxles, transmission stop/start, piston cooling etc.
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e-Water Pumps

Developed for the cooling of hybrid and electric vehicle batteries and power electronics. The electric coolant pump has been designed without the need for a dynamic seal.
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e-Fuel Transfer pumps

The Concentric electric Fuel Transfer Pump range has been developed to meet the future market needs, specifically around cleaner engines, increased fuel efficiency and a reduced total cost of ownership.
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